Our Mission

To acquire, retain and conserve water resources within the Lower Arkansas River. To encourage the use of such water for the socio-econonic benefit of the District citizens. To participate in water-related projects that will embody thoughtful conservation, responsible growth, and beneficial water usage within the Lower Arkansas Valley, including the acceptance of conservation easements, with or without water.

countiesLAVWCD Past and Present

November Election 2002:  64% of the voters in Pueblo, Otero, Crowley, Bent, and Prowers County approved an initiative to form the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District (LAVWCD).  The seven members that make up the Board of Directors were appointed December 2002 to initially serve one-year terms.  Based on population, each county has one seat on the Board with Pueblo County holding three total seats.

LAVWCD Directors: Representing Pueblo County, Directors, Melissa Esquibel, Anthony Nunez, and Reeves Brown; Representing Otero County, Director, Willard Behm; Representing Crowley County, Director, Jim Valliant; Representing Bent County, Director, Lynden Gill and Representing Prowers County, Director, Leroy Mauch.

LAVWCD staff members:  Jay Winner, Executive Director; Bill Hancock, Conservation Program Manager; Carla Quezada, Office Manager; Brenda Fillmore, Finance/Water; Jack Goble P.E., Engineer; Mike Weber, E.I.T Engineer; Bart Mendenhall, In-House Attorney and Peter Nichols, Special Counsel.

Colorado Water Plan Final 2015: Colorados Water Plan Final 2015
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