Board Members

The LAVWCD Board of Directors

The LAVWCD Board of Directors was initially appointed for one year by District Judge Dennis Maes. Judge Deborah Eyler replaced Judge Maes. The terms for the LAVWCD Directors are 4 years.

Lynden Gill, Chairman
Bent County
2006-Present – 4-year term

Leroy Mauch, Vice Chairman
Powars County
2003-Present – 4-year term
Melissa Esquibel, Secretary
Pueblo County
2003-Present – 4-year term

Anthony Nunez,
Director Pueblo County
2009-Present – 4-year term
Reeves Brown, Director
Pueblo County
2009 – Present – 4-year term
Jim Valliant-smJim Valliant, Director
Crowley County
2012- Present -4-year term

Willard Behm, Director
Otero County
2017-Present – 4-year term
Chairwoman: Melissa Esquibel
Reeves Brown
Willard Behm
In House General Counsel
Bart Mendenhall
Chairwoman: Melissa Esquibel
Anthony Nunez
Willard Behm

Chairman: Jim Valliant
Lynden Gill
Reeves Brown

Water Acquisition:

Chairman: Leroy Mauch
Anthony Nunez
Jim Valliant



Chairman: Anthony Nunez
Melissa Esquibel
Leroy Mauch

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