For any questions or more information, contact the LAVWCD:

801 Swink Avenue • Rocky Ford, Colorado 81067


Executive Director – Jay Winner 719-254-5115

 Office Manager – Carla Quezada 719-254-5115

Engineer – Jack Goble – 719-254-5115

Finance/Water – Brenda Fillmore 719-254-5115

E.I.T. – Mike Weber – 719-254-5115

Conservation Prog. Mgr. – Bill Hancock 719-254-5115

719- 254-5150



We are located at 801 Swink Avenue in Rocky Ford, Colorado. Use the map below to get directions to our office.
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4 Responses to Contact

  1. irving tracy says:

    Morning If possible would like to know if the Sylvan Metro District In Leadville is allowed to bid on SUPER DITCH available resources. Next year we are looking for 10 – 15
    AF to augment our SWSP to refill our ponds? If possible would appreciate Knowing how to apply . THANKS IRV

    • admin says:

      I’m going to let our Engineer Jack Goble answer this for you… I will forward this to him….

      • irving a tracy Sylvan Lakes Metro District Leadville. Co says:

        Morning after reading ‘where now with ATM methods” and Mr Winner comment in todays water traffic that 5000 leases could be made available I would appreciate your thoughts related to:

        if Special Districts have access to Super Ditch leases.
        If there is a way to track available leases other than
        the Colorado Marketplace that indicates leases have
        been completed Thanks Irv

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