Our Mission

To acquire, retain and conserve water resources within the Lower Arkansas River Valley. To encourage the use of such water for the socio-economic benefit of the District citizens. To participate in water-related projects that will embody thoughtful conservation, responsible growth, and beneficial water usage within the Lower Arkansas Valley, including the acceptance of conservation easements, with or without water.

Why do we need the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District?

Water in Colorado is a precious asset. According to law, citizens and municipalities own the right to use and to dispose of water that has been granted to them under the law. Cities in the West are growing and need more water and they seek to purchase it wherever they can. Water rights can be moved from the source of its origin basedupon ownership. Business entities outside the Arkansas Valley seek to purchase water from this river and to move it away to municipalities. It is important to keep as much water here as is possible while, at the same time, offering water owners who wish to sell adequate compensation for their assets.

How is the LAVWCD going to save water in the valley?

With our tax dollars and other funds as we can assemble, we will buy water shares from those who wish to sell. We can buy shares outright, buy over time, purchase options, accept conservation easements and use other means of insuring that the water that originates here, remains here.

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