November 2002

  • 64% of voters in Pueblo, Otero, Crowley, Bent & Prowers Counties approved the initiative forming the new water conservancy district
  • Board of Directors appointed by District Court Judge Maes
  • First official meeting of the LAVWCD


  • Adoption of budget, bylaws, policies & procedures
  • Adoption of mission statement
  • Resolution passed to allow Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District to accept conservation easements
  • Full time staff hired
  • Lower Arkansas valley water activity enterprise established
  • Option agreement signed with Prowers county landowner
  • Relocate office to Rocky Ford from La Junta Otero Junior College donated space
  • Tour Of Lower Arkansas River System
  • Purchase Of 100 LAWMA Shares (Deal Closed October 2003)
  • Purchase Of 50 Shares Of Fort Lyon Canal Water
  • 1/10th Share Of Catlin Canal Water Donated To LAVWCD
  • Resolution Passed To Support Tamarisk Eradication
  • Made A Presentation To State Legislative Water Resources Review Committee
  • Signed Arkansas Valley Water Preservation Goals And Principles Document
  • Approved Conservation Easement Policy Guidelines And Procedures Document
  • 40 Shares Of Twin Lakes Company Purchased
  • 30 Shares Colorado Canal/Lake Meredith
  • 320 Acres In Otero County Accepted as Conservation Easements
  • 80 Acres In Prowers County With 76 Shares Of Fort Lyon Canal Accepted as Conservation Easement
  • Lease Agreement For 335 Shares Of Twin Lakes Water


  • Re-appointment of District Directors by District Court Judge Maes
  • Hired temporary hourly receptionist
  • Agreed to lease Larkspur Ditch from Catlin Canal
  • Hired water engineering consulting firm: Brown & Caldwell
  • Officially supported Highline Canal lease to Auora
  • Leased water assets to CWPDA, AGUA, Town of Fowler, Fowler Golf Course,
  • Otero County Roads Department, area farmers
  • Hearing held for the Exclusion of Lands from the District
  • Irrigation Expo held to promote technologic improvements for agriculture

Notable Points

  • On March 12, 2003 LAVWCD passed a Resolution allowing the District to accept Conservation Easements.  As of August 17, 2011, LAVWCD has 42 Conservation Easements donated to the District.  These conservation easements are in Fremont County, Pueblo County, Teller County, Otero County, Bent County, Prowers County, and Crowley County.
  • Assisting the Super Ditch Company, consisting of 7 ditches (Bessemer Ditch, Otero Ditch, Catlin Canal, Rocky Ford Highline, Holbrook, Oxford and Fort Lyon Canal.
  • Working with the State Engineer’s office and the participants on the Rule 10 Plan.
  • In the process of purchasing the Larkspur Ditch.
  • Helped with the state line depletion.
  • Helped with the Administration of donated money for the Pond Study.
  • In the process of developing a Super Ditch Pilot Program.
  • Involved with the Fountain Creek Master Plan.
  • Involved with other entities with DSS.
  • Assists other entities in the Administration of their grants.
  • Involved on the Water Quality Study with Colorado State University.
  • Support for Colorado Education for Agriculture.
  • Educate K-12 on how to conserve water.

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